Welcome video

I am sure many of you have noticed I have disappeared from social media and stopped doing my Smiling Academy motivation videos. The truth is that the past few months has been difficult and challenging for me…

I have dive deep inside myself to find out the source for the feeling of emptiness that was occurring for me in life.

The personal development world that got me so excited when I joined in, start closing on me.

I have gained many followers but it felt fake for me, it wasn’t really me, or the things I really wanted to say. I have followed systems and allowed myself to create videos only when I am feeling GREAT…

In the journey to help others to find themselves I have lost me… I wanted to go BIG I wanted to be on stages all around the world and to do that I thought I should be perfect first!

The journey to be me, is a journey of being human. It is a journey to understand I already perfect and all I really need is to just be. Be ok with the beautiful smiling side as well as the dark shadow side. It’s about understanding we have two sides and we will always have them and it’s about making peace with them both so we can become complete.

I still have those fears and voices but I have decided to push through them and so I packed a bag full of hopes and dreams and I am going on my way to a vulnerable, authentic me.

I would love you to join me if you feel the calling! I am going to create a journey diary full of videos and articles where I will be sharing my thoughts, emotions, laughs and crying together with you.  

I don’t know where this journey will lead us to, but I can promise you one thing for sure. This time you will get the ALL of me…