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When I first met Niv I was lost and confused. I was stuck in negative loops with no idea how to get out. Niv gave me the tools that I needed to re-create my life.

I learned how to release and replace the life-long beliefs that were holding me back.
Niv gave me a new framework for a new life. He taught me how to focus my intention with clear direction. The knowledge that he imparted has enabled me to grow and become who I want to be.

Thanks to Niv, my once misguided mind is now in line with my positive intentions and now I am experiencing every moment with greater purpose and meaning.

If you are ready to transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly, I highly recommend working with Niv because he will show you how to open your wings. He has changed my perspective to that of a butterfly’s eye view and all of a sudden my wings appeared and now I am gliding through life. This transformation is for a life-time and it’s the best thing that I ever did for myself and everyone around me.
Niv’s gift of guiding self-empowerment is inspirational and I thank him deeply with all my heart!
— Sarah Ben Simon
“Each time I worked with Niv I appreciate his positive outlook on life and drive and enthusiasm pursuing his life passion, and I leave feeling inspired, refreshed and excited to pursue my own dreams.

He is truly inspirational in his coaching and everyone should have the opportunity to work with him!”
— Ziv Oshri
It’s difficult to describe my progress with Niv as we started working together without sounding cheesy. But the truth is, is that since I began working with him, my life took a turn in the most wonderful way and everything started falling into place. This included meeting my husband and re-discovering my passions and talents. He taught me to understand what I truly wanted out of my life, and how to get out of the way of myself to achieve it. I also couldn’t have asked for a more patient, caring and open-minded guide for that period in my life when I needed it the most. I will always be forever grateful and encourage anyone to take that first step and set up a meeting with Niv!
— Frances Traynes
Niv is an incredible guide whom I wishfully see when I am in need of clarity, inspiration, magic or direction. He creates opportunity (through colourful and practical methods) for exploring what is deep within. He helps you pull away the layers, fears, beliefs, to gain personal insight and to have access to our inner truth and wisdom. He has taught me memorable practices that I use when I struggle to navigate my journey. He has aloud me to see myself as I am and what I wish to achieve. When I see Niv I am blooming. He is also hilarious, kind, animated, light, dark and honest.
— Natalie Green