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When I first met Niv I was lost and confused. I was stuck in negative loops with no idea how to get out. Niv gave me the tools that I needed to re-create my life.

I learned how to release and replace the life-long beliefs that were holding me back.
Niv gave me a new framework for a new life. He taught me how to focus my intention with clear direction. The knowledge that he imparted has enabled me to grow and become who I want to be.

Thanks to Niv, my once misguided mind is now in line with my positive intentions and now I am experiencing every moment with greater purpose and meaning.

If you are ready to transform like a caterpillar into a butterfly, I highly recommend working with Niv because he will show you how to open your wings. He has changed my perspective to that of a butterfly’s eye view and all of a sudden my wings appeared and now I am gliding through life. This transformation is for a life-time and it’s the best thing that I ever did for myself and everyone around me.
Niv’s gift of guiding self-empowerment is inspirational and I thank him deeply with all my heart!
— Sarah Ben Simon
“Each time I worked with Niv I appreciate his positive outlook on life and drive and enthusiasm pursuing his life passion, and I leave feeling inspired, refreshed and excited to pursue my own dreams.

He is truly inspirational in his coaching and everyone should have the opportunity to work with him!”
— Ziv Oshri